Re: Common Misconceptions
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I agree with most of what you say on the issue of "race". But perhaps ”Afro-centrists” do have a point in the fact that all mankind seems to have originated long ago in Africa. The continent of Africa is thus the source and mother of man. Also, the Afro-centrists have a point in the fact that Egypt – the land of the greatest civilization of the ancient world – is undeniably situated in Africa. It was an African country with an African native population.

However, as must also be recognized, Egypt was bordering on the Mediterranean area and on the Arabian, Canaanite and Mesopotamian lands. The royal house of Egypt may have been intimately linked to the royals of neighbouring countries, albeit retaining in Egypt a certain African tinge. However, on the whole, of course, Egypt was an African civilization - a fact that may have been hard for the Euro-centrists of past centuries to admit. To a large extent they tended to deny the “African-ness” of ancient Egypt.

On the other hand, today´s Afro-centrists, in their effort to remedy such misconceptions, have tended to overemphasize this African-ness and deny anything but “black pharaohs” on the throne of ancient “Kamit” or the “Land of the Blacks”, as they may prefer to call it.