Re: Race, An 18th Dynasty Case Study

That is a very good point the African dna has the most diverse set of alleles and all 33 gene families of the world, but we know that Yuya was indeed a Mitanni(indo european) and that the Rameside era were of the Akmin family(asiatic military family) so there was definetly admixing going on in the rulers. Not to mention Rameses II's daugther(which of whom the Rameside era goes through) name was Binth Anath which is a cannanite name! But the 18th dynasty goes through Ahmose Nefertari who was definetly a black African so after Tut and the 18th the races of rulers definetly started to change in the New kingdom. So the last post by Mr. Pope(18th dynasty a race case study) as I have stated in a response is pretty spot on other than Yuya's relation to the dynasty which is why I don't understand why Mr. Pope disagrees with me.