Ghosts in the Gospel
In Response To: James and Andrew ()


I think it is very reasonable that association of James and Andrew, and think that several apostles have to be associated among them.
For example, there are three Judas' among them: Judas Thaddeus, Judas Iscariot, and Judas Thomas (the real name of Thomas is not in Canonical Gospels but in Apocryphal ones). Judas Thaddeus, according to tradition, was the brother of James the Less, so he would be also the brother of Jesus if James the Less is one and the same James-brother-of-Jesus. Some authors say that Judas Thomas is actually the twin brother of Jesus (in fact, Thomas means "twin"), so this Judas could be one and the same Thaddeus. And finally I think that Judas Iscariot could be also this same Judas.

The Christian tradition tends to dissociate some characters, especially in order to make Jesus a son (the only son) of Mary and God, so the tradition dissociated the characters of Mary and Joseph to give the so-called brothers of Jesus a father and a mother that couldn't be Joseph and Mary. And so, Christian tradition invented some characters like Alpheus, Cleophas, Mary-syster/cousin-of-Mary..., which would be the parents of the brothers of Jesus, and so without contradiction with that belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary.

It is posible that Gospel authors had similar reasons for association/dissociation of apostles, for example those Judas' that I quoted. And not necessarily people who share the same name. James son of Zebedee could have been executed in Procurator Albinus times, and his figure associated to anyone who died in Herod Agrippa times. Agrippa couldn't kill James because he didn't need to do it; he took Peter, talk with him and then let off; he wanted to kill nobody.

There is another confusion with John son of Zebedee, John the Evangelist and John the Beloved Disciple. According to Christian tradition, all of them were the same person, but it is more probable that they were three different John's.

As you see, this is a twisted maze of names, characters and people. Lord help us!.