Re: Analysis not in Caesar's Messiah

Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting your article. I think it is excellent, as is also your book, Caesar´s Messiah. The article makes it clear to me, perhaps even more than the book, that there is an overall pattern of "conceptual links" between The War of the Jews and the four Gospels. The two works seem to mirror each other in a very strange way.

Also, it seems to me, after having read the article, that the themes contained in War by themselves tell the story of emerging Christianity, although slightly veiled. There is the story of the divine Father and Son, Vespasian and Titus. There are the themes of binding and loosing, as well as forgiveness and punishment. And there´s the story of Josephus´ personal conversion. It is all there for a reader with eyes to see. The same themes appear in the Gospel stories, only in another form.

The strange parallels, that you have discovered occurring in the same sequence in both works, certainly shows 1) that the two works (War and the four Gospels) have the same author(s), and 2) that the author(s) wished to secretly acknowledge and at the same time conceal this fact.

I think your discovery is a final breakthrough as to who wrote the Gospels and why. In my opinion, your discovery is not just a theory, but equivalent to an unambiguous archaeological find. It is there for everyone to see it.

A lot more research is necessary, of course, to understand these things more fully, and to establish the role of other (canonized as well as non-canonized) Christian scriptures, the relationships between the Gnostics and the "orthodox" Church, as well as the exact nature of Josephus´ relation to the Flavians, and many other things.