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Hi Peter and Charles,

I see what you mean. But is not "the administration of law and attempt to serve justice and minimize violence" an essential part of every society, everywhere? Did not traditional hunting and gathering societies "administrate" these things among themselves long before the birth and establishment of any "western civilization"?

I guess as long as such peoples (native hunters and gatherers) stayed in a close relationship to nature and to the larger cosmos, and as long as they stayed connected to their own inner being - to that extent it can be said that they were "living in truth". As long as their myths reflected the reality of the cosmos - the seasons and cycles of their lives - to that extent their society and culture reflected true reality.

I therefore think its a huge mistake to believe that in any sense we should have "progressed" from or improved ourselves in relation to such traditional societies. I think degeneration and derailment are more proper words to describe the course of civilization.

The impact of "western civilization" on the rest of mankind has been enormous and monstrous. An important part of that civilization is, of course, the tremendous trauma of the Middle East, the source of the three "monotheistic" faiths.

The only way ever to solve the trauma is, of course, to loosen the spell, to unbind ourselves and our societies and hopefully re-enter the realm of inner and outer reality.


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