Re: Mythomania
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These "myths" have had the effect of being long accepted as historical accounts and have provided a foundation for the entire framework of western civilization.

The administration of law and attempt to serve justice and minimize violence is of course directly taken from these myths.

In addition, the very identity of who is man....and why it is that man's essence transcends secular and religious also contained within the myths...

Seems that the light of truth always meets great darkness and great old paradigms are disgarded for new ones slowly and often at the expense of tremendous suffering....Love and tolerance....seems to me that with the channels now open for the sharing of enlightenment (ie. the internet) that these essential truths are spreading like wildfire...and those currently incapable of discarding wilting dogma...will eventually get it....the imperative is to serve the truth with humility and spread the word actively and aggressively...the results: enlightenment, the elimination of violence and poverty...will take care of themselves.

I think.