Skull of Tut, Secondarily not Caucasoid?

Couldn't these experts all be correct? That is, couldn't the royal family have had a mixture of what are now considered Caucasian, Semitic, Black, and other traits (not necessarily in that order, so don't get excited)? And couldn't such a mixture have resulted in considerable variation between individual royal persons despite the extensive inbreeding? On a textual basis (Bible and Archaeology), we find that ethnic slurs were commonly flung by one member of the royal family toward another, at least according to my model. However royal culture was so much about deception and theatrics it is hard to say just how significant those differences actually were.

I wouldn't be too quick to project backward based on what modern demographics indicate. Whole tribes were uprooted on a regular basis and moved to other parts of the Near East. Genetics may be the ultimate historical pursuit, but that journey has only just begun.