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It's very easy to say "I don't care about the race of Egyptians" after and only after a statement like "Afrocentrics saying they are descendants from pharoahs" is made and called out in the light. My mother is Irish and my father is German, I am as white as the snow in the Alps and I even get offended by the Eurocentrics laying claim to Egypt being anything but a black/African nation considering I have studied the issue and have been appalled aswell as embarrased by the lies that have been exposed by these would be "Afrocentics". You made the claim that Egyptians were "caucasoids"...this is an outdated term only describing human skulls not a race! If you didn't care about the race of Egyptians(which ARE important considering we are talking about history) then why did you make those two comments? How can we have a synchronism in kings lists if the kings aren't the same race lol?!? Pulling the "if you care about the race of Egyptians you are racist" card doesn't fly when the two comments I am addressing were made and when we are trying to find out the historicity of biblical characters/Egyptian people!

Come on; you can do better than this Chucky