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[ Duplication of Event and Heros... ]

Mr. Charles Pope

When i read your "Living in Truth" chapters,
in your first workings, relations between archeological events and heros/kings/leaders with Biblical events/stories and heros/patriarchs/kings:
it was very complex to understand what is the true in truth.

In your current workings/compilations/analyses, it has been very very complex to understand what/who is true.

DUPLICATIONS (derivations,copies) or events, legends, tales, myths are big problem to filter them and get real events/storis of them.


Biblical and Archeological event mix-ups, duplications can be solved more easily (less difficultly), when we thnk this, primarily/basicly:

* There is an original (the first) event and the hero (successor) of the event.

For example: My be an original Jesus/Joshua before jesus-christ, perhaps Tuthankhamun or another man.

May be original water/river/sea flood in Egypty (Niles), or in southern Iraq (Sumer lands) or in Blacksea.

May be an original mounth in Egypty, Palestine/Caanan, Iraq (Mesopotamia) or In Turkey (Ararat/Agri, Cudi, Erciyes, Olympos etc.)

For example: Gilgamesh tale of Sumerians

* There is an original place/site/land where the event had been occurred in.

For example: UR, Nahrin in Southern Iraq (Sumer land).

* There is an original hero/successor where the succesful/big event belong to /done by him/her.

For example: Sumerian Noah, or Sumerian Ibruum or Hammurabi etc. other great/grand men, the kings (LUGALs) etc.


* copying story/event from one nation/trbe to others, without copying/recalling original hero... (like as translation/copiying of scenario for theatre from other scenaios... Making a new scenario from old ones. To perform or to ell to children... as folk tale, myths)

* Naming a new person/human/hero/king/leader/patriarch by recalling/renaming from -for memory-respect to orginal hero/grandman-
original anchestor grandman...

For example: The christ, jesus might be named/called with regarding of original/former Jesus/Joshua who was not the messiah or prophet. perhpas a grand man or king/pharoh with its real/known name or nick name or title...

For example: There are mnay Solomons, Abrahams, Mohammads today... But they had/have been names by regarding a former one...

For example: Sultan Suleyman the king of Ottoman land took his name from the king -patriarch/prophet- solomon.

For example: Abraham, the anchestor of hebrews/jews perhaps had taken his name from former Sumerian Ibruum...

For example: Akhenaten might be took/emit/propagated his story from orignally Hammurabi's story...

For example: MOSE's story may be duplication of Hammurabi's story... Not for mixing... specially for returning hammurabi's image -new live-to Moses... (Like Moses have the spritit of Hammurabi or Moses accepted a reborned Hammurabi... etc...)


WE MUST ALWAYS NOTICE THAT, duplication/copy document/story might be wrongly translated (to other languages) from former document/story in another language.

Specally name sound/letter differencies -wrong pronouncing, wrong renaming, wrong calling- come from translation mistakes and speakings... (A nation/tribe say/remember the name diffnet than another/former nation/tribe... For example: Abraham in European languages, Avram in Hebrew, ibrahim in arabic. All of them is same patriarch/anchestor/prophet Abraham/Ibrahim/Avram)

I think, solution is not difficult if we consider duplications...
Important: Biblical events may be seem as from two diffent events by two different heros/kings/patriarchs...

NOTES: (the KEYs by me...)

* TUT-HA-LI-YA: the name of mountain of ancient south-east Anatolia, in Hittit kingdom land, in Hurri region.
Also Hurrian name of Hittit king... (His mother was a hurri woman...)
pronouncing of TUT is TOOTH in English
Notice the similarties:
egypt king/pharaoh names....
TUT = TUTH =TOOTH is also a GOD name... Remember: Dead grand/succesful kings became GODs for their descendants and followers/successors...
WE CAN GUESS that: Some Egypt gods,kings are relatives of Mesopotamian kings/gods... (some Hittit kings used Hurri -near region of Hittit land to mesopotamia- names... Like TUTHALIYA... Alos hittites used mesopotamia origined cuneiforms and hieroglyphs and accepted mesopotamian gods/goddesses as also their own Gods/goddeses.)

Notice the similary between al-li-ya words "Himallia" mountain letters.

Notice that al-li or ali is HIGH in Arabic...
May be TUT or TUTH means MOUNTAIN or TUTHALIYA means HIGH/BIG MOUNTAIN like "Olympos" in greek language.
Perhaps ERCIYES or CUDI mountains in Turkey... (I don't know...)
(Where was Hurri region in Hittite times...)


LUGAL: "king" in Hittite official douments... Orighinaly SUMERIAN "king" word... whit great/Grand man meaings for only title of Kings... Warning: SUMERIAN word!

LU=LOO = MAN in english

In turkish: Lan= negative purposed slang calling with "Hey! You, man!" meaning...

In Turkish specially by Kurdish origined people:
LOW = LO = MAN in english... (LAN and LOW is near relative words, in Turkey...)
For example: What are you telling, Low! (what are you telling, (you) man!")

* GOYIM king:
GOY-IM: Nations in Hebrew language... (whithout its slang meaning).

GOYIM king : Federation/Federal/International/UnitedNations King

specially proper for HITTITES and HATTI people, which are indo-european based -they had come to turkey north--east blackse, from today's Russia, Georgia- or Bulgaria,Romania, Ukraine... Other hatti people may be from Mesopotamia or Asea... But majority were indo-arian. I mean years 4000-5000 B.C., before this Hatti people were not INDO-EUROPEAN...)
So calling "goyim king" by southern people is logical for calling/titling the Hittite king of northern/united/multinational people...

* KIBELE: (Keebeleh in English: Mother Goddess of Anatolia/Hittites)
(Mesopotmaina equivalent of KIBELE is ISHTAR!)

KIBELE is the first major (primary) God (Goddess important than other GODs. The number one of other gods was sky-god teshup without his orginally hurrian/mesopotamian teshup name... SKY-GOD/GoekTangri is shamanist belief of todays or former turks... Former turks -in about 3000 B.C. and later, before Islam- were shamanist who believe SKY-GOD primarily...)

GAIA: I think ancient greek called name of "mother (goddess) of Earth/Ground"... GAIA may be equivalent to KIBELE the mother goddess of Anatolia... Notice the similarity between GOYIM and GAIYA...


Southern IRAQ (Sumer lands about 5000 years B.C.) UR, Nahrim, Narrahim region...

South-East anatolia: Nahrin, Harran plain, Urfa city/province...

We must solve the problem:
TURKEY (URFA) is original or South IRAQ (UR) is original place of Abraham's main/mother land...

NOTICE THAT: Souhern IRAQ (sumer sites) is beetween euphrates and tigris rivers.. Also sout-east turkey is beetwen euphrates and tigris (FIRAT/Euphrates, DICLE/Tigris rivers...)

If sumerian had moved to the beginning of these two rivers... due to food or impoper setlemet problem in the region at the end of hese two rivers...
UR is original URFA is (new ur, new nahrin,narrahim as newyok etc.) duplicaion, replacement...
Or: URFA is original UR is duplication... (URFA is YORK, UR is NEWYORK...)
Today, I belive, UR is ORIGINAL ("York"), URFA/Harran is DUPLICATION ("Newyork").


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