Hi Eddie,

Well, I guess, maybe youre right from your side and Im right from mine...

Of course, being a human is both a physical and a mythical experience as you point out. However, mythical characters are literary creations, archetypes, and whatever, and - if youre studying history or archaeology - it would certainly be a huge mistake to go looking for actual, physical remnants of fancy, mythic characters. Thats why, in my opinion, there never was any "historical Jesus" or "historical Moses", simply because, the way I see it, the stories about them are not historical accounts but mythical stories, or "metaphors for a greater truth", or whatever.

I guess Salustius put it wisely, saying: "These things never happened, they occur all the time."

Now, carnalization and historization of such mythic characters is a terrible mistake! It creates the kind of monstrous, artificial, "monotheistic", tyrannical, fundamentalist, patriarchal, sectarian, dogmatic, moralistic, neurotic, and reality alienated religion and society that we experience all around us (centered on the Judaism/Christianity/Islam "orthodox"/fundamentalist "faiths").

So, from my point of view, what is extremely important is the ability to distinguish a myth from actual, physical reality. If not, we all end up in the mess weve already ended up in: A world of reality alienation, insanity, racism, fundamentalism, and you name it!


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