James and Andrew
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There are a few reasons to suspect Andrew might be the name of James as a disciple. In the Gospels, he was the first disciple of Jesus and the one that recruits Peter. Peter is repeatedly called Andrew's brother. They are from the same city and even share the same house. In the Apostolic Age, it is James and Peter who are inseparable. Andrew is no longer mentioned.

I have tended to discount the idea that James brother of Jesus and James son of Zebedee were the same, while not totally ruling it out. A study of typecasting suggests that they were unique individuals because they had different fates. James son of Zebedee was beheaded. This was the fate of the eldest son of a Moses figure (Archelaus/Zebedee). On the other hand, James brother of Jesus, was first thrown down from the "cliff" of the Temple. He recovered but later was stoned and clubbed to death. I think these fates, especially the first one, are more closely associated with the god Re (Jacob) as a "scapegoat".

(I think I will start calling myself this since people suddenly think I'm so silly and evil.)

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