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I don't think you understand my theory, especially when you say, "The very 1st Pharoah, Menes, comes directly from upper Kamit which is now modern day Sudan(Kush)." We don't know that for a fact!

What I have tried to show in my book is that the family that gained power in Egypt was also active in Mesopotamia and other regions. So we can't make quick judgments about their origins and race.

It has commonly been assumed that Ham was a black man because of the association of Ham and his sons Mizraim and Cush with Egypt and Africa. My model requires those who care about such things to rethink it. In my model, members of the royal family strove to be "all things to all people". They adopted local customs, language, and appearance (in person as well as statuary), but that does not mean that they shared the same racial makeup. Far from it, in many cases.

I am not trying to dictate or impose my opinion of what race ancient rulers were. But if this is of importance to a person, then they need to be prepared to accept the reality of it, whatever it turns out to be! How can this disposition be disturbing to anyone with a "scientific mind"?

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