Descended From Pharaohs

Did you not read my other posts?

Genetists will tell you that just about everyone alive today can claim a common ancestor from ancient times. That is how the genetic deck of cards is shuffled. I do not criticize anyone for claiming descent from pharaohs whether they are black or white. I do criticize them for thinking that this makes them special. Again, according to geneticists, no one is special in this regard!

However, the actual racial characteristics of the pharoahs are a different matter altogether.

You say, "Yuya(a well known and proven Mitanni/Indo european by Egyptologists)".

I say, Egyptolgists have not proven anything about Yuya's racial qualities. Until science can better answer the question, we can all look at Yuya's mummy and decide for ourselves, but I also say it doesn't matter. My research has proven that he was a fully pedigreed member of the royal family, and the royal family was what it was (whatever that was). People are people, and when people get absolute power, no matter what their race is, they take advantage of it.

I did not set out to prove that Yuya was Semitic or Black or White or anything else, and I still don't know. Nor is it an urgent need of mine to find out. If the race of Yuya is of great importance to a person, that person may want to consider whether they are in fact racist.

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