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Ok, first of all do you know what the term "Afrocentricity" means and who founded the term? It was "Molefi Assante"; you may want to do some research on it's purpose and it's biased European interpretation. Secondly..what does "Afrocentric claims of Egypt" mean considering Egypt is Africa? Is this another case of Egyptians are "semetic" and "mediterranean" people ala Henry Bresthead, Gaston Maspero, E.A Wallis Budge, Brugsch, Karl Lepisus. I was under the impression this forum was about history not racial bias and wishful thinking, I admit I am a little disappointed and feel I have been tricked :(. How dare an African make such a claim that they descend from other Africans and how dare someone of African descent make a claim about Egypt that does not conform to the Eurocentric status quo. I mean how could an African possibly know anything about an African country; they should be hanged(no pun intended). I guess I should have known something was fishy when the claim that Yuya(a well known and proven Mitanni/Indo european by Egyptologists) was the father of not only King Tut ,but Akenaton AND Amenhotep III was made on this site. If anyone was Afrocentric it was Egyptians by the way lol. And lets say Africans ARE saying they are decendants of pharoahs..are you saying that's so outlandish ,but yet you say Romans, Greeks, Scythians, Parthians, and Jews ARE?!?!??! Im very thrown back and disappointed. I was really enjoying this forum, but I guess the reality of Caucasians and the strong hold we have on history and research and the power to say whatever the hell we want showed it's ugly face finally..oh well life goes on I guess *snif*.

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