Harper Collins Conspiracy?

Michael Baigent, one of the authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", has a new book out. It was released on the same day as "The Da Vinci Code" was put out by the same publisher in paperback, and while the respective authors are embroiled in a court battle!

Baigent's new title, "The Jesus Papers" is an entertaining read, even if the subject matter is now overcome by events for the faithful at DomainOfMan. We already know the historical identity of Jesus, that he did not die on the cross in 36 A.D., and that he was living and active until at least 63 A.D. We no longer need help from secret and suppressed documents to understand Jesus and the Gospels.

Baigent describes his quest to understand the influence of Egyptian mysticism on the life and times of Jesus and his journey to the underworld of antiquities dealers. Along the way he hobnobs with other alternative researchers such as Robert Bauval and Robert Temple, and with DSS scholar Robert Eisenman!