Message for Ron, Solomon, and Esastek

The three of you are banned from posting at DomainOfMan.

Ron already knows why.

Solomon should know, but wouldn't understand even if I explained it to him again.

Esastek has the agenda of stopping "stupid Zionists" and proclaiming Anatolia as the birthplace of Western Civilization. Although I trust his intentions are good, neither goal is compatible with the purpose of this site. In my model, the Hittite kings were a branch of the royal Egyptian and Mesopotamian family. While the Hittite dynasties should be studied and valued, they did not constitute a truly unique phenomenon in the ancient world.

Esastek's mentality is comparable to Afro-centric theories of Egyptian history. It is only natural that some Turkish people would claim the Hittite kings as their illustrious ancestors, even as some African people tend to claim that the pharaohs were their black ancestors. While I would like all persons to be esteemed, I cannot encourage the development of self-respect through identification with ancient kings and pharaohs!