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Hi Oscar, glad I passed the test!

I'm still uncertain about James brother of Jesus and James son of Zebedee. Zebedee is (I believe) a New Testament epithet for Archelaus son of Herod the Great. But that doesn't mean that James and John were the biological sons of Zebedee. They may have been "adopted" sons due to the union of Mariamne (mother of Jesus) and Zebedee. If so, then this Mariamne would be one and the same as Salome wife of Archelaus.

As in Old Testament interpretation, different names are used to reference the same woman to multiple husbands (as in the case of Queen Tiye, variously called Jezebel, Zeruiah, Naamah, etc.). Similarly, as sons of Zebedee these two princes are called James and John, but as sons of other husbands of Mariamne they may have assumed other names/identities.

The name Andrew reflects a Horus typecasting, but also an Adam-Jacob (James) role. At that time, the Gnostic concept of the cosmic Adam was very prominent. However, according to tradition the Apostle Andrew was martyred in Achaia of Greece after evangelizing a wealthy woman. This isn't consistent with what we know of the death of James brother of Jesus. Also, Andrew is considered the patron saint of Scythians/Russians, and Scots. Any thoughts on this?

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