Royal Bodyguards
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Mark, I came across the following quote in "King David" by Jonathan Kirsch (p181):

"David, who had sown the seeds of more than one tribal blood feud during his years as a bandit and a mercenary, learned a practical lesson from the pagan kings who he had served. Thus, he chose to surround himself with a personal bodyguard that consisted entirely of foreigners - the 'Cherethites' and 'Pelethites' whose duty was to protect David from his own people are understood to have been 'Sea Peoples' who, like the Philistines, came to the land of Israel from Crete or elsewhere in the Aegean."

The author of this book of course does not realize that David was not a local hero but a member of the Egyptian royal family. He was very much a "pagan" king as well. During the Egyptian New Kingdom large numbers of Greeks were imported into Egypt. So much so, that the Egyptian royal family appointed the young Ramses III/Shebitku (Hezekiah) as pharaoh over Greeks in Egypt and under the Greek pharaonic name of Psuesennes! His appoitment was followed shortly thereafter by that of Psamtik, a Greek identity of Panehesy/Taharqa (Manasseh).

The later establishment of a Greek throne by Ptolemy in Egypt was therefore not that big a deal. It was basically only making official what the demographics of Egypt, especially Lower Egypt, already represented.