Carried away (kingship)
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An excerpt from the Sumerian King-List reads,

"Erech was defeated (in battle), (and) its kingship was carried off to Ur." (From S.N. Kramer, The Sumerians)

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Other translations of the phrase "carried off" are "removed" or "taken". Transfer of the royal court was not always attributed to battle. For example, a former capital might be abandoned in favor of another. In the case of Erech it may have been due to a change in sea level.

Study of the Sumerian king-list however leads to the conclusion that the various dynasties are often not sequential, and a single king is often listed more than once and in different dynastic groupings.

Kingship was usually passed through legitimate succession, but could occur by the superiority of arms. Yet, we have seen time and time again that it was never an outsider who had the ability to stage a coup, but always someone within the extended royal family. And generally they had to appeal to some previous precedent within the royal family in order to rationalize it and gain acceptance from other family members.

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