Eber, Abraham, and Rehoboam
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There are definite parallels between Abraham (Djehuty) and the earlier Patriarch Eber (Hammurabi/Moses I). Most particularly, both were forced into exile.

The name Abraham (Ham-abra/arba/arab) was probably a play on the name Hammurabi! The name and characterization of Abraham also points back even further in time to another "eldest son" that had been passed over in kingship, namely Montuhotep/Ir-bau (Reuben/Arba). See Chapter 5, Note 4.

The original Biblical form of Abraham's name was Abram, "exalted father". Abram was however humbled and became a type of "Eber". It had actually been Abram's "father" Terah who was forced by his own "father" Nahor into the role of a Moses. But it seems the teflon man Terah used his own authority to pass that role onto Abram instead.

We also found that the later Akhenaten (Rehoboam/Moses II) mpy only patterned himself after Hammurabi (Eber/Moses I), but also after Djehuty (Abraham). See the section, "Serving the Sun", in Chapter 21 of the on-line book. Akhenaten was simultaneously a Djehuty/Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), an Osiris (Akh), and a Re/Moses. Abraham/Djehuty was primarily a Thoth and an Osiris, but we can also recognize a lesser Moses element in his career as well, even if he didn't lead a significant Exodus.

Note that the name Rehoboam (-> RabaHam/AbraHam) also makes a play on both Abraham and Hammurabi.