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Yes Helge! Cutting through the thick layers of varnish that cover the real history of our race is a difficult thing and sometimes does make for strange bedfellows, like Elwood, Esastek and me. I have a strange feeling that that good ole boy Elwood had had a few too many adult beverages when he made his last post. LOL I sure he cannnot really feel that way.

I also many times agree with most of you and sometimes I do not, but this site is in many ways very esoteric. Charles and the rest of the crew have created such a melange of characters, playing numerous roles, at differing points of history that it is really hard to follow. I am constantly amazed at how well Charles is able to tie things together and his great recall when giving answers about his book. He is simply amazing.

I think I will assume Esastek's position for a while. Just lurk on the sidelines, read the great posts, and try to put it all together in my mind at least.

Regards to you all,