The Kindergarten Cop

O.K., so you are a friend of Ron's a fellow Fomenko-phile. It's not a concern of mine! You are free to pursue Fomenko's ideas elsewhere. I understand there is even a site dedicated to that purpose now. Go for it! We can always check in there from time to time and see how you are doing. But don't bother me here. I get very frustrated with people who rudely come into this site and want to impose their own agenda or criticize me for having a particular focus.

I have to run this little web site as a "kindergarden kingdom". I'm just one person here, and there is only so much I can handle. Yes, here at DomainOfMan I am an aweful tyrant. That does not mean that I am that way in real life. Nor should this web site be perceived as a microcosm of how the world should be run. I have to decide who and what contributes directly to the purpose. Sometimes that may seem to be arbitary and capricious. It's not just egoism, it is an attempt at leadership. Perhaps this will grow into something greater and evolve into a more "democratic" environment with someone other than myself managing things. But for now, the buck and the bull stops with me.

My apologies to all the good people of Mississippi and the South. Obviously culture does not change over night, and since the 60's when I was a child in the South, it has changed very much and still does. I'm the son of an Army Chaplain and we moved every two years or so, all over the place, not just the South. My parents both grew up in the South. Neither attended my inter-racial wedding. I've seen a lot of the world first hand, and have seen a great deal more in my professional life. I even vacationed near Gulf Port Mississippi not long before the Katrina hit.

So, yes, I think you and others may misunderstand me. You also underestimate the trauma that it takes to inspire a person to undertake such a mission as this. Someone who is willing to go through the years of intense soul-searching and solitary confinement involved with producing this work is not exactly "normal".