Peekaboo, my friend Elwood!

You just signed and agreed to my statement, that "there are as many perspectives or points of view as there are living entities in this universe", didnīt you? So, by definition, then, there can be no living dittos, can there?

At times I may agree with our friend Charles. However, just as often I may disagree with him.

Sometimes I get the strange feeling that in this existence of ours, "God" is playing peekaboo with her-, him- or ourselves. This time popping up as a cat, that time as a dog, or else an ant or maybe a bird or even an elephant. Sometimes a "democrat", a "liberal" or else a "communist" or "fascist" or whatever. In each instant so captured by the illusion that s/he or we gets either aggressive/scared or friendly inclined or somewhere in between.

At one occasion s/he (or we) may be starting another civil war against him-, her- or ourselves. At another s/he may be asking for peace and understanding.

Maybe thatīs whatīs happening out on this Internet Ocean, too. Here appearing a Ron, there a Charles, or else a Helge or even an Elwood. Shall we fight or hug? Or is it just the two sides of the same coin?


Helge (or maybe another you)

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