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Helge and Charles!

Dittos! Oh, by the way Helge, that previous word may have a lot more negative meaning for Charles than youself!

But, I still agree that, as Helge wrote: "I think they would benefit from realizing that the ancient stories are allegorical, symbolical, and poetical narratives not intended to be taken literally, and that other peoples myths and "gods" are as "sacred" and real/unreal as their own - just seen from another perspective. And there are as many perspectives or points of view as there are living entities in this universe, arent there?"

And, since Helge and I agree on these points; about ancient stories; that they are "allegorical, symbolical, and poetical narratives not intended to be taken literally".

But, it appears that you Charles, do take a lot of these stories "literally!", or am I wrong? If you don't, then why do you tend to take the popular chronology as almost fact?

I have tended to assault you with information that might indicate that all of your so called "ancient" royal families, for the lack of a better word, are, relative, to what I believe, ancient! Maybe even more ancient than those who rule current thought!

You see, I am interested in your connections, because they connect things that may have happened in the middle ages and later, and not as you, and a lot of your followers think, much further back in history,. Thus, possibly 6,000 years may separate you from current thought, and even more years may exist between you and me, since I tend to believe that before the existance of the printing press,there is no reason to believe most of the documents supposedly left to us by our ancestors! There have been literally hundreds if not thousands of forgeries already found and that is with a willing press! That is, a crowd of persons who have a stake in the past being very ancient instead of a little bit ancient!

Charles Pope, you seem to have problems with respondants from Mississippi! I have also seen your attitude towards anyone from this area as being backwards, uneducated, etc.

If you do not feel this way, then I send my apologies, but your statements tend to lead me in a manner, that any one that has ever been discriminated against, like me, almost has to recognize at once for what it is.

The problem is that, you do not think you are a racist, or a elitist snob! But we, in the South, recognize these tendencies, in those who hold them.

The point is, you have no idea whether I am Black or White, or Yellow or Native American! To you, all it seems to take, is the fact, that we are alleged to be from the south, and nothing else! That and the fact that our political stance is oppopsed to yours.

So, we ask you, as you seem to extrude in your sentences, as a Liberal man, to at least exibit the same respect to those of us from the Southern United States as you would to someone you consider as a "African American" or English / Germanic, Italian or Nigerian American, from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont or New York City!

Again, if we have misread you, we apologize! But, we really tend to disregard people who act, in a condesending attitude or manner!

But that does not mean we really hate you!

There exists the possibility that we just have a grave mis-understanding? We hope this is the problem.

Language can tend to seperate persons of the same language, if there exists differing understandings of common words or phrases. Thus, this is what may have actually happened.

It seems I, at least, may have travelled more than have you, and maybe I have been exposed to differing cultures and political thought a lot more than you may have been exposed.

For example, I have "lived" in New York City; Seattle, WA; Washington, DC; or at least on the outskirts, in N. VA., Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Niland, CA.; Mobile, AL; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; DEl Rio, Texas; New Orleans, LA; Brunswick, GA; Memphis, TN; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and numerous parts of N. Florida; as well as having travelled via automobile throughout America proper (except for Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island,and N. Dakota!

My foreign travels have taken me to London; Paris; Cannes; Monte Carlo; Lisbon; Madrid; Frankfort, Ulm, Munich, and most of S. Germany; the Italian and Austrian Alps; Switzerland; Saltzburg, AUS.; Rome, Pisa, Liverno, Florenze, Naples, and Venice, IT: Athens, Greece; Ephesus and Istanbul, Turkey; many places in Israel; the Bermuda Islands; the Virgin Islands; Cozumel, and many other places in Mexico; Tokyo, Japan; Taipai, Taiwan; Korea; Hong Kong, China, etc.

If your travels have exceeded mine then I apologize again! This is not bragging, it is reality!

I have been around a little bit! I am not a rube, a redneck, or an idiot! Well maybe I am somewhat of an idiot! LOL But not of course like Ron!

I have worked with persons from around the world as well as around the USA! "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they have been precious in my sight!" (note this is a Southern Baptist song we were taught as young children.)

I, like others in the deep south, live in a mixed race neighborhood , where, before the storm at least, we had Vietnamese, Iraqi, Iranian, African American and other persons of differing races, religions, and nationalities residing and living in peace!

You just think you know or understand me Charles Pope, but you cannot, nor will you ever seem to undertand me/us, nor others of my kind it seems.

Your attitude seems to be bigoted, reactionary, and biased towards those with whom you have become familar with, and in reality, you seem to be somewhat retarded in those relationships.

Other than you, you seem to have some "sycophant" followers who are fellow travellers, joint believers, and one-sighted individuals!

And we say, so what! This is the kind of life one would want to have. A union of like minded men and women, of differing worlds and lifestyles who have adopted your (my) beliefs! In a way you are a lot like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, and me/us!, just to list a few!

You seem to have a closed "facist" mind, that tends to oppress or ignore those who hold differing political views, that you may hold, and you tend to look down your nose at those whom you consider your inferiors!

You have no beliefs, other than those of a person who hates the United States and its symbols, those persons of faith, and those who are not considered the same type of "Liberal" as you consider yourself!

The problem is, you do not really undertand just what a Liberal really is! In my terms and in the terms of John F. Kennedy and those Liberals who preceeded him, you are a radical and a facist!

But, you must know that all the words above, that I have written are just a little joke! LOL

You do recognize that!, don't you?

Just a little fun and games!

Still loving your site! If nothing else,you remain a genius!,

Clovis, the Great!

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