Lord David is coming....

this David is for me, my second name... I am back after an eclipse due to profesional reasons.

I have read a lot of old posts about the figure of James and the beginning of the Christian Church, suggested by Charles' reading of "James brother of Jesus" by Robert Eisenman. In fact, some months ago Charles asked me to write some things in the forum because he wanted my participation in a subject like this. As Charles knows, and now all readers of this forum, I am almost an expert in the figure of one of the first christian James', concretely James son of Zebedee, also known as James of Compostella by Spanish tradition. I have not read Eisenman's book yet, but Charles told me that, according to Eisenman, "James brother of Jesus" is actually a composite of three James's, namely: James the Elder, who is James son of Zebedee, one of the apostles and John's brother; James the Less, another apostle; and this James known as "the brother of Jesus", who was the first leader of the Christian Church.

Presently, the general opinion is, according to Catholic Church, that James-the-Less and James-brother-of-Jesus were one and the same person, and according to Protestant churches in general, that they were two different people.

In my opinion, I think that Eisenman is near the truth, and that there was only one James in the beginning of the Christian Church. I am not going to say anything new about Eisenman discussion, but only to give my reasons for that consideration of there are two James' ghosts and a real one. But it will be in another post. I think that will shed more light on the origin of the christian church.