The Kindergarten of Civilization
In Response To: Veiled Threats ()

Hi Charles,

I think you really hit the head of the nail here, didn´t you? Civilization as we know it is really childish in the extreme! I also agree with your analysis elsewhere of the sad role of religion in the world: People are programmed to become victims and are kept ignorant and in a child-like state, even rejoicing in their exploitation, as you wrote.

You are right about the importance of understanding the past in order to get things straight in the future. Unfortunately that means to get beyond the official "history".

Jews, Christians, and Muslims would certainly benefit a lot from realizing that they´re not the only kids on the block and that their "sacred stories" and their views of "God" are just as mythological and allegorical as those of the rest of mankind - to the extent, of course, that there is any "rest" left alive - no matter how "historical" their myths pretend to be (part of the childish play, isn´t it?).

I think they would benefit from realizing that the ancient stories are allegorical, symbolical, and poetical narratives not intended to be taken literally, and that other people´s myths and "gods" are as "sacred" and real/unreal as their own - just seen from another perspective. And there are as many perspectives or points of view as there are living entities in this universe, aren´t there?