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We have recently discussed how Judaism was largely created by members of the Persian royal family. Control over the religion was later usurped by the family of Ptolemy. Finally, Judaism was transformed by Roman and Herodian elites into Christianity, a religion for Hellenized Jews and Gentiles. Did a similar process occur in the founding of Islam? I really can't say. I'm not an expert in Islam and have never claimed to be. Regardless, what did the common Jew have to do with any of this, other than be victimized along with everyone else. So, please get out of your head that Jews are responsible for your problems or that of the world.

Ancient religions programmed people to be victims (that is, "co-dependent" in modern psychological terms). Believers are kept ignorant and in a child-like state. They are required to submit to the will of an authoritative "God" and to those who have established themselves as his earthly representatives. They are led to rejoice in their exploitation, and to expect the coming of a Savior who will bring them into glory in the afterlife.

You have these same fantasies about a Solomonic savior. You don't seem to want to be "saved" from this delusion either. And you feel you have the right to criticize me because I don't meet your standard of what a "Solomon" should be!

Well, enough is enough. You are welcome to read messages on this forum, and even learn from them if you dare, but you are not welcome to continue posting here.

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