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Charles, maybe I did not really undertand some of the posts made by our other friends? But maybe I did understand some of what they said! It means little either way I suppose. But you really fall into a bigoted trend when you use Mississippi like a cuss word! You seem to need to widen your horizons a little bit? Try us, you might even like us! LOL

But you then go on to say this;

"The fact that Americans often give to foreign causes does not fully compensate for the fact that they also take foreign profits. Americans on an individual basis do good things, but on a collective level, driven by corporate greed, we do very bad things. We have become the next "evil empire" in the world."

Thus falling into the pseudo-liberal thinking that America and American business is evil and only makes the poor poorer, etc.! Pray tell me just what "bad things" "corporate greed" has caused in the world in the last 50 years? What has American "corporate greed" had to do with the problems with the so called Palestinians? Heck, they were Jordanians, their homelands were in Jordan and Syria. They were literally kicked out of those countries by their own people, so to speak, and forced into the land now controlled by Israel.

What great economic aid have the wealthy Arab or Moslem nations (like Saudia Arabia, Iran, and the little wealthy nations like Qatar, etc.) contributed to help their fellow Muslims in Israel and the surrounding territory? The answer is nada, zed, zero, nothing!

All they have ever really contributed are the weapons and contrived grievances via propaganda, of the so called Palestinians! They have only helped to make a bad situation worse, since they really do not want this kind of people in their own backyards! It was even obvious that the average Palestinian lived a more prosperous life in Israel than they would have lived within the confines of their neighbors in religion (Jordan/Syria/Egypt, etc.).

Your hatred of the American Business System, is obvious, and it does not seem to be related to your education. You really need to take some courses in economics, and not from Neo-communists professors, who never saw a capitalistic business they could not hate nor an
American action they could not despise!

Are we taking advantage of poor people in Indonesia or India, or Pakistan, etc. when we "outsource" work to those nations? Are we taking advantage of these poor people when out businesses pay them a wage that is considered good to great by all of the rest of their countymen?

Hell most Americans (not to mention the rest of the world) have absoultely no idea of economics and economic consequences. Nor do they have any knowledge of America's history. Quite a shame!

Consumers around the world cry when the prices of products increase so many businesses close their American factories and manufacture the products in foreign nations because their labor costs are less and thus they can then sell the product for less. Heck, India for many years, used state supports to keep business going, just like Communist China and the previous USSR, among others. They thus lost capital on most everything they produced for consumers both in nation and internationally. We can easily see the results of such economic thinking in these examples. But, now of course, these same systems have had a re-birth of capitalism, and things are looking up! How surprising is this?

Well, now people complain that we are losing highly paid American jobs! So, let us assume some interprising American entrepreneur decides that there must be a pent up desire for Americans to purchase products that are made in America with American labor and all the attendant costs. So he manufactures an identical product, and pastes "Made in America" logos all over it, advertises it on radio, TV, and the press, as such and has of course to price it about 40% more than the same product manufactured in Indonesia, or India, or Maylasia, or Cameroon!

Boy I can just see millions of good Americans running down to the nearest store and standing in line to purchase these "Made in America, by Americans" products! LOL The truth is they will not, except for a few died in the wool individuals who distrust anything made anywhere else.

So here is an American business man, trying to keep Americans employed, and he and his financiers, are quickly out of business!

It is the truth and you know it.

Are you crying when German, or Canadian, or English, or Japanese, or Korean businessmen purchase American companies or create new businesses in America to manufacture products that are mostly sold in America to Americans for taking their "obscene" profits back to their home nations? I'd guess not!

Well enough of my response. I just sometimes have to vent! My apologies if my beliefs are not those of some of the contributors to this list and not your beliefs also. But beliefs are a lot like a--holes, if you don't have one, you have even bigger troubles. LOL

Regards to you all,

Rondo, the capitalist, racist, facist, American pig!

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