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Why do you call Esastek a Turk and a Moslem? He may seem like a Turk or a Moslem.

It sees to me that he is a cyriptic jewish.( I apologize Esastek). From his messages i can understand it. First off all he knows quite good English and he is interested in phonetics-wordplaying, and from the electrics of his messages i can realize it.

I agree with Ronald Hughes in some degree: we realize every day how primitive are moslems.

But i am proving that Islam is a jewish initiation. Why do you hide this fact? Islam was founded by Hebrew initiation in Arabia in 600s. Hebrew initiation produced Quran, and they opened wars/drove moslems and Turks against Christian Anatolia, Byzantum, Greece and Europa.

Why do you hide this fact, and why dont you tell the truth ?!!!!!!

And The Jewish Lords of Islam never allowed poor and miserable moslems to develope. They just took them to trap wars to kill/finish poor and miserable moslems and Turks in trap wars set and designed with jews and christians of Europe.

Only a jew, hebrew, or israeli can know the secrets in Quran. Poor, stupid, miserable and barabarian moslems can no way understand Quran.

So tell the truth that Quran and Islam is an Israeli/hebrew/Jewsih initiation/provocation to destroy/kill/finish creatures of God called "muselman". No lie , no cheat, no opportunism and no corruption plz.

Dont forget "The eye of Horus" is upon you and sees the All ...

sol-om-on / (Ra Amon)