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First of all, I do not think I am "too dense" to understand the concepts. The previous posts were and are full of veiled threats of all types. I simply put myself as one available for revenge attacks.

You wrote; "So you are saying Esastek is a radical, but you are not. And you would like to invite him to your home for a duel! And it is o.k. for Southern Protestants to post here at DomainOfMan but not Muslims? You are sounding like the stereotypical southern bigot.
Why should you expect anybody in Turkey to give a damn about the misfortune of Mississipians, most of which are far richer than Turks."

As a matter of fact, I like it when Muslims post here or anywhere. I just do not think the threatning nature of those posts should be allowed. If there exists any bigotry, it has come from their side, certainly you can call it nothing else. And, for your information, I was in Turkey in 1999 when the earthquake hit in Izmit! I donated monies for the quake victims while there, and I know hundreds of thousands of Americans did likewise. And many of them are not rich!
People give a damn as you so politely put it, because they can comiserate with the suffering of others no matter what race, religion, or national origin! It is usually referred to as "humanity!"

As you noticed I removed my flame, and I expected you to remove it! But you did not, so expect that you must tend to like them?

Facist /bigoted thought that comes from a Muslim is still Facist and bigoted!

RonBo! Dude!