The Threshing Floor of Araunah (Osiris)
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In 2 Samuel 24, David calls for a census of the people and brings a plague upon the people. It is only stopped when David prays for mercy and forgiveness at the "threshing floor of Araunah". David subsequently purchases the cult site. 2 Samuel says the price was 50 shekels of silver. In 1 Chronicles 21, the "inerrant word of God" corrects itself by saying David paid 600 shekels of gold!

"The 'Temple' was built on the 'threshing floor of Ornan (Araunah in another version), symbolic of the harvest god Tammuz, who demanded the 'first fruits' of the grain."

The mention of a "price" (Cf Issachar) and the call for mercy and forgiveness are both allusions to the god Osiris/Tammuz. The name Araunah further connects to the equivalent Persian/Hindu deity, Varuna.

Another place name, Aruna, is also associated with Thutmose III (David). Aruna was the "straight and narrow way" through which he directed his troops to Megiddo.

The name Varuna is thought to mean "covering". This also connects to Osiris and to threshing, but I'm sure exactly how. If you recall, Ruth looked to Boaz for "covering" during the harvest season.

Another epithet of Osiris was Wennefer, meaning "always good". The Hebrew name Tob(-iah/ias) means "good, glad, bountiful, loving, sweet", and can also be linked to Osiris.

In II Maccabees, the threat of a Seleucid officer to tear down the Temple of Solomon (built over the threshing floor of Araunah) and replace it with a temple of Dionysos now takes on a deeper meaning. Obviously the elitists of the time understood the history of the place.