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I am not interested with archeology as professional.

I have not got pre,ofessional crrier in that subject.

But, it is very easy for me... to understand stituation after read that:

on a sumerian tablet.

There is a general ibruum with hs soldiers... as sheeps...

You frequently see same inscriptions which show soldirers aligned.


Everythnig started with wrong interpretation of sumerian tablets...

(I don't claim it... It is claim by somebaides who say sumerian general ibruum is Biblical Abraham. On the inscriptions, soldiers are shown like sheeps.)


Also, on hittit hieroglyphs, the cow shape used for "mu", "moo" spelling -name of cow in hittit language-
for writing "Grand King Mu-val-li" or Mu-(ta)-val-li (li=Knife symbol)


Perhaps if proto-jewish-priests would read it, they will write on
Torah pages as that: "Grand Cowboy/GeorgeWBush Val-li"

(Excuse me... it/that is JOKE!)