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Dear Charles Pope
I know this w-site is a very intellectual site of the science of Egypt. Egypt is a great religion, may be the mother of the religions. I see there are a lot of people here who loks for the information of the "objective religion".

But other people are also interested in religions and how would like to know a bit of The Egypt.

If you know Quran you would find the high corelation of Egypt and Quran as well as you do it with Torah.

Charles, who can be as much learned as you. And your study is a very special area. If you start an open w-forum , you will be tolearant to any kind of people in some degree. And i see it is not disturbing at the forum. I might have been the most disturbing may be:))

I said here that all seeing eye/Horus eye is said to be with Solomon and nobody here was interested here. King Solomon is somehow has a focus place in Quran, nobody knows.

Muhammad(600s) is not the Muhammad in Quran. Real Muhammed of Quran is the Messiah to come.

Muhammed-600s knew Torah in a perfect way. And knew last messenger and also the last times.

I say Muhammad-600s was jewish, at least jewish initiation. While saying Jewish we understand the dominant people of the world by God. This superiority is for about a 2000 years. So in 600s jews also must have been dominant in Mecca. The GUardian family of the famous Kabah must be jewish.

Islam itself is an Israeli initiation. Muhammed-600s is as well. Dna? I dont know about his dna and i dont care about his dna. His Dna is not important right at the moment, but the initiation he served is.

Islam just brought blood to Turks. Turks had Christians (OR ROMANS HELENS) as their enemy all of a sudden as A HELL ISRAELI TRICK/TRAP UPON TURKS. For many years Turks were killed (+due to their sin) through trap wars.

Quran also says Solomon is the prophet of the covenant, and hierosgamos, and sacred wedding. This makes out of Solomon "a Messiah". How comes? What does the Egypt speak of this? Quran makes out of "Muhammad of Quran of this era" a Solomon and a Messiah and An Amon Ra: How comes ? What does the Egypt speak of these religious results? We talk of birds, phoenix, HS etc .How do they practise in real human life. We see birds in Egypt, and Quran says the birds, humans and armies obey Solomon. You talk of Horus eye of Egypt, Quran says Horus eye is (with) Solomon. I wanna realize my knowledge of Quran and general religion with Egypt. And today Anka_ra means Phoenix city? Does it mean HS talks from Ankara?