Re: Christianity has been bypassed ...

Mr Esastek

You are always lookint at the events from a Jewish view of perspective.

In ottoman times, jews and christians both are away from moslems. Kinds of Jews (helenistic smt) were the Lords of poor Moslem Turks. Closenees of jews was this: Poor Turkish moslem slaves were obeying their Jewsih Lord. They were this close to each other. Most of this closeness meant to take Turkish slave soldiers to Europa to fight, make wars and leave their (Turks') deatd bodies therearound.

YOU SAY:"There was not a hate against Jews"

Yes, as you said there were no hatred(hate) against jews, coz jews were teaching "islam fake" to Turks; jews were dominant to Turks how ever comes, and to stand against jewish ottomans was great sin like rebel against the rules of God. So how could poor turkish slaves have hatred against jewish rules of God.

YOU SAY:As you know, in islam, non-muslims left free in their own religional-law and private livings...

I Talk: Yes , you are right. Jewish Ottoman Lords were producing Godly rules for non-moslems like "privilege for not going for army duty, for not to go wars, laws for non-moslems which arrange them for to be lords of Turks, etc. Very Goldy things. Only Turks go to wars to the front doors of Viennas, jews and christians didnt have this right. Jehad (going to wars for God ) was a superiority given to Turks. LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU SAY:Only in politics and government, domination, sovereignty cases Ottomans limited jews and christian peoples in the ottoman empire countries.

I TALK: It is a bastard lie about Ottomans and Turks. All politics, domination, sovereignty cases were governed by Ottoman Jews and people of jewish initiation. You couldnt find even a very small office governed by turks.

You say:"Ottoman kingdom took more task/money from non-muslims"

Yes, right, because lords of ottoman were jews and christians, not turks or moslems. And they colected and had all money , production, and everythings. Poor Turkish ethnics had only one task and privilege: Being taken to wars and to death for benefits of Jewish Ottoman Lords.

YOU SAY:"Non-muslims paid task more but muslims became soldiers of Ottoman army for exmaple 5 years or life-long years... Millions of muslim soldiers died/dead for enlarging/protecting Ottoman Authority, empire lands, ottoman sytle islamic jihad... "

I TALK: At least you said one thing true hiding one thing "those: ALL FOR JEWISH BENEFITS:

Turkish benefit is this: Miserable Turkish style of being killed, turkish color of blood, poor turkish widows and orphans and families which were left into hands of Greek, romish, armenian and other nonmoslem Lords who were not being taking to wars and live in castles in Anatolia. What you are saying is just a kryptic-jewsih and romish way of the seeing. But i believe in All Seeing Eye of God: Eye of Horus through Solomon!

YOU SAY: At the final of ottomans, armenians shooted turks from their backs -by cooperating russians and frenchs-, turks returned back and killed russian/french cooperative rebel armenians and their families, greeks tried to get independence and enlarging greek country to anatolia, turks overcome and remove greeks in anatolia,...

LET ME TRANSLATE IT: All sionist arangements and at the final Atatrk Factor as a physibility fro Hieros gamos against sionism which planned to destroy Turks ana anatolia for their unreal Shiloh purposes. God gifted shiloh to kurds and turks. He may take as well and give it to honest peoples of the world: who knows. God sees everything. And God gifted its eye to Lord David to have a look on the Earth.

I dunno what to say about masonry: I admire the level of their teology. You talk as if you are against Ra Amon . Why? Is it a wrong teaching? Do Turks know a little bit of what masons know from the teology? Or do Turks know any kind of real teology under islam? Do they know Quran? Do you know Ra Amon s Rahman: Sun God: Messiah:Paraklytos:The Builder of Hieros Gamos. Ra Amon gifts us peace with the Sheba Queen who were destroying us Turks or Us Men. So wahts wrong with Ra Amon or templum solomonis belief of Masons'? : Dont you accept the third temple of Mahdi and Messiah is named Templum Solomonis: Temple of Peace and Temple of Solomon.?
(I can take the news from the Egypt "blushed" ).

ABOUT YOUR SAY ABOUT JEWs and MOSLEMS: srael is ready to give all of israel if u give israel a small town in Malatia in Turkey. LMFAO !!! So you dont need to give israel any of false jerushalom in israel. And they also wouldnt want tel aviv. :))

YOU SAY: Real hebrews must say: You, evangelists, neo-conservatives, masons, some non-hebrew americans who are enemies of muslims, non-hebrew slav/russian or hazar or leh/polonian jews/moseists who claim jewish rights more than real jews... You never in charge to talk for and represent the sons of Israel...

I TEACH: Jewry, hebrew, sionism and Tanzania is ending my friend. We dont need any real jew or false jew for to solve problems any more. The Era is for Human Values. Right to live and in a human level. How do you say it in Turkish: yasamahk, and iihnsahn gibi yasamahk. A turkish friend taught me. :)) I hope A ssionizm and free-massonly would also realize it. Thank you. HUghes will like this last statement, who likes letter-games.

About your Say of Masjidil aksa: Soon we hope ra Amon to hightened to masjidil aksa or land to masjidil aksa from the skies. P-)

Now i d like the Egyptologist friends here to put forward the equal themes of my revealations i wrote here. Thank you

Plz accept my hearty regards and all best wishes