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Mr Ronald Lee Hughes !

In Turkey, i remember so called religious people of islam killed many people who didnt fast in the fasting month/Ramadzan. Also you cant feed yourself so easily if you dont fast in ramadzan month, some people are so respectless and primitive. You generally suffer because of this.

Bad today, the most developed peoples of the world, America and Israel which are expected to serve human values; Imperialism rooted from Israel and the Usa also support these fundamental groups today all over the world , also in Turkey.

HUghes said:"and I seem to remember one verse that said in effect "do not have a Jew or a Christian for a neighbor", and other words to the effect that "all Jews and Christians should be converted to Islam or be killed!"

I also notice this contradiction. I cant believe that a comprehensive book like Quran says these words. I believe jews and Christians here dont mean categorical jews and christians. It must mean some other active gruops in the world or in the islamic world. Real Quran prophet is, in fact, the Long awaited messiah and how can we think he can give such a message? The jews and christians in the verses you mentioned must mean something like romans, or salonicans, or like gentiles or pharisees, or some group else, but not sociologically jewish or christian beings.

Do you know Quran names fundemantal moslems, and some kind of moslem prostraters "as to be disbelievers, ones who deny the religion of God, and misbelievers. Quran also calls all moslems as "people who dont know any real religion" by the time of REal Quran Prophet:Long Awaited Messiah of Christians. When Messiah comes among such moslems, they will deny him and damnation of paraclytos will work.

We will see if Christians and jews believe The messiah of Bibles, who will appear from among the ignorant country. When Messiah comes from among moslems i really dont know if jews and europeans will believe him as "the spirit of the truth", or "truth of the "Spirit"".

Mr Hughes, Quran says "fellows of Bible! read, obey and judge with Bible". Quran never calls Christians to be moslem. Quran says if you dont obey your Bible you will be of those wicked"

(5:47 The people of the Gospel shall rule in accordance with GOD's revelations therein. Those who do not rule in accordance with GOD's revelations are the wicked (Maidah).

Mr Hughes again your are wrong. Islam and Ottoman islam was a jewish initiation , and taxes from jews and chrisitans was to save them from sending them to wars. These taxes was just tricks of Jewsih ottoman kings. Jewsih Ottoman kings only sent Turks to wars for their own jewish benefits, not for benefits of poor Turks .LOL :))

I accept your last paragraph, good wish.

You say "Shalom (Suleymon)Wisdom and Peace! "

Equilibrium:Shalom=name of Quran religion=Name of King Solomon=Quran readings start with a phrase belonging to King Solomon=The third temple of messiah is called temple of solomon=Solomon/Ra Amon is the prophet of Secret wedding and Hieros gamos=Quran is the very book of Hierosgamos=Ra Amon is Solomon in Quran= Ra Amon is messiah and Son God in Christianity= Horus eye is with solomon=Horus eye is Lucifer.

I couldnt solve it.


solomon:(I used at least two words of Egypt: Ra Amon and Horus's eye)

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