Re: Christianity has been bypassed ...


Why do you think Mohammad(600s), so called prophet of a jewish religion/islam would bypass Christianity?

Because islam is a jewish trick/trap, a device against both moslems and christians to make them fight/war each other. How else can we explain such a great mistake. You claim to be "shiloh"/the messiah and you bypass such a nice Bible. :)

You say Muhammad of Mecca had come after 500+ years later than Jesus. How can we say this? Jesus in flesh has never come!! So Mohammad of Jewish/Meccan islam imposes himself as to be The Shiloh of Torah and Messiah of Bible. If Jesus had come why would they try to impose Muhammad as the "shiloh"/The Messiah? The Bible has come but Jesus/Messiah in flesh has never come(the 11th or 12th, or the 13th prophet/apostle)(of the covenant).