Thera & Thutmose

There has been a lot of motivation to link the eruption of Thera to the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. The following discussion group mentions that an artifact dated to Year 33 of Thutmose III was found in the debris of Thera! This seems to be an example of scholarly mischief at worst and wishful thinking at best.;article=4879;show_parent=1

Other discussions on the "Waste of Time" forum talk about the bogus link between Greenland ice core data, tree-ring analysis, and the Thera eruption.;article=5963;search_term=greenland;show_parent=1

Search on "Greenland" from the main page of the "Waste of Time" forum to pick up the other threads on this subject:

Warning: I don't recommend posting at this forum. They are very nasty to people who want to discuss any theory that strays from the standard academic chronologies. Let a sleeping dog lie.

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Multiple Eruptions of Thera