Re: Istanbul and Las Vegas

Esastek, that was some response, but comparing Turkey to other Muslim controlled states is much like comparing Vatican City to Las Vegas! Sin City and Simony City! Sorry about that I could not resist the word play. LOL

But, of course Turkey does not practice the severe form of Islam, or it would not be as successful as it is today, and it is also not well beloved in other Islamic States, because of its lax enforcement of Islamic Law. So, except for places in the hinterland of Turkey, there are unlikely to be be-headings for Islamic Law violations,nor the ritual murder of mostly female family members who violate some rule.

But, in the case of Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, and numerous other Islamic ruled states, these be-headings or stonings are ordained and expected. I have read the Qouran (your spelling) in English, and I seem to remember one verse that said in effect "do not have a Jew or a Christian for a neighbor", and other words to the effect that "all Jews and Christians should be converted to Islam or be killed!"

Even though history seems to indicate that Jews and Christians are allowed to live in segregated areas (Ghettos) inside a Islamic nation, they were for many years also extorted by the imposition of heavy taxes, because it was not moral to tax a fellow Islamist!

If you think America and other Western nations are against you today, just wait until your brothers in Afganistan decide to follow the Holy Law of the Quoran, and execute the converted Moslem! Let us pray they take the "wise" way rather than take the "eye!"

Yes I know the Bible used by Christians, and that used by Jews, has sections where God (by some unpronouncable name), ordered the Israelites to kill all the men, women and children of the Amalakites (which some people consider to be Arabs), but in todays world, or at least most of the developed or developing world, this type of religious zealotry is dying out. Maybe it will die out in your world (Islam) someday?

Shalom (Suleymon)Wisdom and Peace!