Re: Christianity has been bypassed ... *LINK*


You claim "Christianty had been bypassed by Muhammed".

This is a profound statement, and crucially true. The reason that Prophet Muhammad is known as the Last Prophet is because he is the last of the OT-style, "fire and brimstone" prophets, an eye for an eye until the whole world turns blind ...

The fact that Muhammad lived 500+ years after Ari Jeshua (Jesus) doesn't change the fact that his teachings belong before Jesh, near the end of the OT, perhaps around the era of the Maccabees. In places where a "turn the other cheek" religion / philosophy had taken root (India, Europe), Islam, though Holy and beautiful in its own way, appeared obsolete on arrival, an overly restrictive faith. There truly is nothing beyond or above the total love and absolute equality that Jesh taught, no age-ism, no sexism, no ethnicism; One People under One LORD.

Ever since the schism of Shia / Sunni developed in the 8th century, and especially since the banning of ijtihad (independent thinking) in the 10th century, Islam has suffered from this internal opposition to natural evolution and theological / consciousness development.

If you want to learn more about how Muhammad viewed the world, including the Judaic brethren he did a lot of business with, read the letters he wrote during his lifetime. Islam flourished from the 7th to 11th centuries partly because of a partnership with the Jews to peacefully run the world. There is a lesson in there.

One God; Praise Allah, Praise Yahweh, Praise Jah!