Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah"

Dear Mr Esastek,

*I dont believe Meccan Islam offered any good thing to neither Arabia nor other Moslem peoples of the world. All wars, full blood, all death: Mostly blood of poor and miserable Turks. Can we deny it?

*You say that Mohammadan religion continues from Moses message. I agree with you: Mohammedan (600s) religion is a trick by jewish initiation to govern and be dominant over Moslem peoples: mostly poor and miserable Turks. They have been taken to wars and to death by their originally hebrew , so called islamic jewish Lords. Can we deny it?

*Not only "Mohammedan İslam" (600s) but also "Christianity" was made appear on the world scene by Jews.

*You say Quran regards The Messiah more than Bibles. This is a great trick, misleading of Meccan originated islam religion. Real Quran is thoroughly Messianic, Real Quran prophet, Real Mohammad of Quran is The Messiah of Christians:"Paraclytos+Long Awaited Messiah": Rabbi Creator is the Third. Quran's Mohammad is The Messiah. I dunno why Mohammad (600s) has been being called and supposed as to be The Mohammad of Quran.

*Your say of Moschieau+Mohammad: This is very interesting. Moschieau looks like being the same word as Messiah phonetically. I dunno how to solve this problem. May Moschieau also be the same man with the Messiah? Why two different prophets are having the same name phonetically?

Mr Esastek,

There also some other conflicts like this moschieau=Messiah phonetical equilibrium.

Nobody says but i say of the "Long Awaited Messiah"="Real Quran Mohammad(so called Mahdi)" :))))) Equilibrium.

I also say of some other Equilibrium here, of Ra Amon=Ra(h)man=Sun God=Messiah=King Solomon=The Eye Of Horus=Real Quran Mohammad.

To my very interest and attention, you talk of another very important Equilibrium: "Moses=very centre of Quran." How interesting. One day i said to a man from Israel that we were also waiting The Messiah. He said to me that they were awating "Moschieau". Is Moschieau a prophet who is going to come one or who has already come?

*YOU SAY:"So, Mohammed took the religion of Allah/God from Mose, to today.
(We can say: Muhammed is successor of Mose not jesus. Islam continues from Jewish religion or Mose's original teachings/messages. Christianty had been bypassed by Muhammed.)"

MY ANSWER: Very Logical. Because Bible+Messiah and Quran+Its Real Prophet are versions of the same. And Mohammad(600s) knows this fact, thereby bypasses Bible whereas he replaces himself with the worldly awaited Messiah. Who may believe such a Godless trick?

*YOU SAY:"* Muhammed had said to jews in his time: "I am the promised prophet to jews." "Ahmed". I am from Abraham's/ibrahim's line from Ismael/ismail. "

I ANSWER: All jewish scholars know that Real Promised prophet Ahmed=Messiah=paracliytos=Shiloh wasnt to come at about 600s. LOL:)) Even i myself, a man from the ignorants know this fact easily.LOL:))

And how interesting is this equilibrium: İshmael is ram in islam, and the ram of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Confusing. And i know the symbol of Real Quran Prophet's and King Solomon's symbol is also a Ram. Recently i went to a romish catholic church here. There were very nice "ram heads" on the ceiling of the church. Should we also put İshmael within the messianic equilibrium?

*YOU SAY:"* Muhammed had unlimited loyalty for Abraham/Ibrahim. Muhammed's grandfather repaired the temple of Abraham, which made by Abraham and his son Ismael by Hagar/Hacer. The Qabe/kabe the center of Islam and Hac; is just where the well which Hagar drunk there water. Abraham was followed his wife Hagar/Hacer to today's Qabe. Abraham and Ismael built Qabe -in Mekke- together as a little temple to God. After more times than Abraham, at first, the well/spring and the temple were be famous, later, they were forgetten.

I ANSWER: These things are all lies, Sir.

Real sacred places mentioned in Quran arent in Mecca or Arabia. Even the jerusalem in israel is a lie today. Israel just lies about Jerushalom and temple of Solomon: They are in Turkey; Shiloh, Eden Paradise, Holy Grail, Temple of Abraham, Land Of Holy Shalom and Sacred Meeting/Wedding. And real pilgrimage places are in Turkey, not in Arabia. A f..... hill in Arabia cannot be Mount of Sina and Paran. Doesnt Bible says where Holy Paraclytos is seen us-poors at Mount Ararat?

Kurds has been long awaited israel to "welcommen" them. LOL:))

By the way you say of a water. Is there a co-operation of Hagar of Abraham with Sheba Queen?? Or am i a psychopatic case who always dreams? LOL:)) Coz that spring for Hagar is pools of solomon and solomon offers sheba queen this water in Anatolia. So My equilibrium gets realization. May be Egyptologists can explain it to me.

*YOU SAY:"* Muhammed was thinking to eliminate all plural (multi) God, except Allah. And rebuild Abraham's/Ibrahim's religion/community again."

I ANSWER: Mr Esastek ! Why does the word Al-Ilah becomes Allah? And Quran mentiones Allah has a pluralistic character: (Rahman) Ra Amon + Ra Hymm= Peace (of Gods) LOL:)) Sun God + Moon Goddess as seen on the flag of Turkey:the so-called islamic, but jewish in reality flag . LOL:)) There is Messiah, Jesus Christ in the flag of İslam but ignorant beings dont know it.

You say Mohammad(600s) didnt know how to read. LOL:)) Arabic is the easiest language of the world for a native speaker. A son of the greatest tribe of Mecca and son of the family who cares Abraham's temple didnt know how to read , huh? He was also married to and travelling here and there with Madame Hadijah who was a tradewoman for years.

Ummee means religionally one who doesnt know the science of religion: teology. Like Turks which is the tribe of awaited Messiah. (Ref:Bibles)

You are suggesting me Quran. I myself believe Quran is written by Jews , but revealed by God (jewish trickers dont know it), thereby Holy Quran is the comprehensive and real religion and teology confirming all other religions. Jews dont believe Quran is by God coz they think they revealed it. LOL:))

*YOU SAY:"Cleaning and clean food is major part of Islam rules".

I SAy: Christians also wash , dude...

And washing rituel before prayers in islam is not for cleaning purpose. Cleaning rituel in Quran is a thanking rituel to "water" itself, and has some other psychic reasons.

The islam u say u believe and find the superior to others is not real religion of Quran. Quran itself says it: "The real religion apperared and the fake/false religion disappeared". "The fake is always to get lost!".(Plz see Quran for this reference) The verse mean two islams : 1-"meccan mohammedan(600s)" and "mahdian messianic mohammedan(2000s)" religions.

YOU_ESASTEK: I agree about safety problem in Turkey after the violent caricature agressors in islamic world.

I also heard that if you dont fast in the month of Fasting Month (Ramadjan?), moslems will kill you in the street. I cant believe if you eat something in the Fasting Month, Moslems will kill you. I think they believe in God and they dont kill anyone just because he doesnt fasts.


solomon-(very sorry Dear Charles Pope).At least i used two items from "The Egypt": "Eye of Horus" and "Ra Amon"; Esastek used NoNe.:(