Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah" *LINK*

Dear Solomon...

I don't want to discuss about Phophet Muhammed's "patriarch" status.

But i want to notice absolute (non-religional) superiorities about Muhammed and his religion service/suggestion "islam" ...

These are features of Islam... (I am explaining by using full secular facts.)

* Muhammed offered the most advanced religion rules living style , behaviour and Creator description to Mekke-Medine (arabia) people.

* Muhammed's ne religions continues from the mesages of Moses. Not jesus. So, by inspecting islam/Quran rules, words, sentences...
we can notice (as scientally) Qouran a new but continual/successor message of Jewish religon-laws and rules (basiccaly in Tevrat or Torah), morals.

* Islam/QWouran regards Jesus/Christ more but does not regard Christinaty or Bible significantly.

* In Qouran/Kuran... Moses is the most mentioned/regarded patriarch after Muhammed... In somesentenes, Moses is in the center of Qouran message.

* So, Mohammed took the religion of Allah/God from Mose, to today.
(We can say: Muhammed is successor of Mose not jesus. Islam continues from Jewish religion or Mose's original teachings/messages. Christianty had been bypassed by Muhammed.)

* Muhammed had said to jews in his time: "I am the promised prophet to jews." "Ahmed". I am from Abraham's/ibrahim's line from Ismael/ismail.

* Muhammed had unlimited loyalty for Abraham/Ibrahim. Muhammed's grandfather repaired the temple of Abraham, which made by Abraham and his son Ismael by Hagar/Hacer. The Qabe/kabe the center of Islam and Hac; is just where the well which Hagar drunk there water. Abraham was followed his wife Hagar/Hacer to today's Qabe. Abraham and Ismael built Qabe -in Mekke- together as a little temple to God.

* After more times than Abraham, at first, the well/spring and the temple were be famous, later, they were forgetten.

* By time, descendants of Muhammed and his tribe Qoureysh, discover and restored the spring and temple again. time by time, the temple for single creator Allah, became the temples of all favorite Gods of the region. In islam, litte statues/biblos of these Mesopotamia-Babil-Arabia-Iran etc. gods called as "PUT"s.

* The young Muhammed had load a target to mind/head of him. To save/get/preserve/protect Qabe as temple only for single/real God Allah.

* Muhammed was thinking to eliminate all plural (multi) God, except Allah. And rebuild Abraham's/Ibrahim's religion/community again.

* He was thinking about religion and misteries of living, creation etc. He was a voyager (camelcaravan-traveller-owner) and he had seen more places (ancient places too) in near-middle-east.

* Oneday, he was resting in a cave, suddenly he heard "Read! Read with name of creator Allah". he had anwered "I don't know reading". The voice repeated with same words and shaked Muhammed. He had feared and escaped from cave. Later than, voices from unknown continued, he understood the owner of the voice is the angel Cebrail/Gabrael who speaks with God's word and intructions/commands.

* Time by time the messages by cenrail continued. In these messages became ne but continual (continued from) message from Mose's original religion. Rules of the new religion appeared as modified,anvanced versions of jewish region. (Ben-i Israil's religion). Namaz and Kurban rituels, command appeared as modified, advanced versions of Abraham's worship to God. (As in Genesis/Torah.)


Mr. Solomon, you must understand Muhammed's character, capacity, messages, missions, usefulness by reading its life...
Please read the life of Muhammed in English. (You can find the book.)

NON-MUSLIMS absolutely notice that: Qouran is the best resource about decsribing Allah/TheGod. More near to sciental mind/logic than other christian-jewish relion books. In Qouran, Allah is not humanlike... But in Bible Allah is like as a king with body: walks, speaks,rides, comes,goes etc. In the new testamenst Allah is father of his alive/creation and the in law-husband of his alive/creation. In Bible Allah/God needs to be a father!?

NON-MUSLIMS absolutely notice that too: In Qouran there is not a theory -decsribes the world's events, sciental status- which is proved as it is wrong! And body can claim Qouran dictates difficult living style for man-woman relations and sexual rules. But it can not claim Qoran dictates wrong rule/theory against science, like as scientally proved wrongs.

Qouran says: "Movements of Sun and Moon depend on a calculation/formula." "They are in their orbit". Qouran don't say, earth is not moving, earch is not spherical. Qouran say: "Mountains are moving continually". (Earhquakes and movement of continents on lquid iron in the center of earth.) Muhammed did not see the moving of a mountain continually.

The creation theory of Qouran is most solid, more and more solid than Bible.

Qouran don't say: Earth was a dark water only. later God want to made/create lights on sky. God made/create Sun and stars.

We know... The temperature of the space/universe is about -270 C
Water freezes at 0 C; salty-water -sea water- freezes at about -10 to -50 C

If Earth was there before Sun in Universe/Space. (God created World/Earth before Sun as Bible says.), the temperature of earth surfce must be lower tahn -100 C perhap it was -270 C.

Can you say there is a liquid water at -270 C. ?

That is the ablosuletly wrong creation sentence in Genesis/Torah/OldTestament/Bible.

There are such/many wrongs in Bible... Please check Qouran and see if have same wrongs in it.

Please do not talk about Qouran and Islam before comparising it with Bible and Christian worship rituels and rules. You must undersant differents before talking against Qouran and Islam.

You must check these with secular mind, cleverly, scientally.

Also you msut check the importance of cleaning/washing in Qouran.
Even if Muhammed lived in desert, his religion takes using plenty water for cleaning as basis. Cleaning and clean food is major part of Islam rules. So, islamic worship rituels forces cleaning useful for healty prevents illness... After sex, muslim forced to wash him/her self from head to foot fingers. This is important for medical science. Qouran force the muslim to live long time by keeping him/her self clean. Alcol and toxic/narkotic agents forbidden in Qouran. Gamble is forbidden too... Namaz forces Sport/Gynastic discipline usefull for healty... Oruc forces to be fed under discipline and to be adapted to autocontrol. Kurban forces to share foods/meat with people. Also Kurban provides to discharge of feeling to shed bood, so, human can feel himself/herself more near to the God without killing another human/person. Kurban neutralises holy/workpship/rituel based killing instict.


Mr. Solomon i have written very long expalaniton about Muhammed and Islam with comparisons.

I am not a religious person, i am a supporter of secularity.

I am defending secularity which respectful to believings.

If I had discovered one of other religions is more advanced and more correct (less wrong) than Islam, you must sure that, I would declared it.

In my mind (opinion): Islam is more anvanced and correct than other monoteis religions. Also Islam is successor of Abraham's & Mose's religion, supersedes Christianity.


As I told before, i dont want to discuss about religions with religional thesis/views. I want to discuss about religions only by using sciental arguments/data.


As i have said before,
Human belivens in/to ainything if he/she does not know it.
If he/she know it, he/she does not need to believe in/to it.

Lets we left/keep beliefs/believings free. Without any forcement and denigrating.


I am always open to (sciental) developments...

Ataturk the founder of Turkish Republic had said:
"Science is only guide/pilot/mentor in the live."

I am following the open way of science...




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