Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah"

Dear mr Esastek

This dream is all a lie. Meccan Mohammad just knows the Bibles very well and take these dajjal etc myths from the Bibles.

Meccan Mohamad no way shows real prophet characteristics. A prophet's job is not to divide the moon into two.

Dajjal-Mahdi-Messiah story is very understandable, but not only from a islamic view but also Biblical view: The Dajjal, as you well guessed, Dollar , thats American Capitalism and Imperialism is defeated by the Country of Messiah and Mahdi.

Why your prophet Mohammad didnt prohobit circumcision of Moslems? Why he didint stop this great sin of Moslems? Dont you know what Pavlos said: No circumcision, other wise you will fall away from the intercession of the Messiah.

Dont you know real prophet of Quran is Mahdi. Thats Mahdi is real Quran Mohammad.

Why didnt Muhammad of mecca start Quran readings with the phrase belonging Solomon in Quran:Basmallah. Why didnt he start with the proposal of Quran: Read! in the name of The Rabbi Your Creator! Was it because the addressed one here is not Mohammad and Lord L !


Can u plz explain what Esastek is?