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Dear Mr. Solomon

I know christian believe about Messiah (Mesih in Turkish)a bit.


Deccal-Mehdi story is not official in islam. Quran has not got Deccal-Mehdi sentences.

Hadis (Narrations of Events and Speakings of Prophet Muhammed) / books from past times, tells about that.
In this acceptance/records, Prophet Muhammed, during his the last meeting -before he die- with his believer people, told about his dream on far future, about his people and non-believers (Kafirs, denials) after him.
At the dream, Deccal/Dajjal is baron of badnesses, the commander of the army of christian and jew denials. Mehdi is the leader of believers (worldwide community of prophet Muhammed, for worshipping only single-real creator/God Allah.). Dajjal-Mehdi war will be very hard war. And Dajjacl will be melted at the front of mehdi, in Jerusalem. It was asked to Muhammed: How we can know/differ Dajjal? Answer: He will has single eye and his army soldiers will have green uniforms. [ IT is basic of the dream. ]

Additional info/claims about that (Somebodies say Muhammed told that)
Mesih is ISA (jesus) will return back to the earth/live to help Mehdi.
Leading muslim/mehdi army will be (built) from non-arabians, half-good muslims (secular muslims may be!? like turks!?) .

I guess Al Qaeda follows Mehdi-Deccal story. In their opinion, Mehdi army will come out from Horasan (where between Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Weziristan etc.)

Some deep-muslim tariqats take that deccal-mehdi story as basis, real hadis (narration from the prophet) but it is not official sunni islam acceptance. (It is not clear for islamic reigional/teology academicians, still misterious.)
Shia belive mehdi story more (engaged) than sunni people.
Majority of Turks are Sunni, suudi arabia, egypty etc. original muslim arabians are sunni, iran people are shia, some arap people are shia. Sunni and shia madhabs are different like catholic-ortodoks. We can say Sunni islam is equivalent to Ortodoks christinans, Shia islam is equivalent to catholic christians.)

(Note: Dollar/Deccal has a bit similarity: ll-jj-cc d-r, d-l, oa-ea)


Other versions of this Mehdi-Deccal story, change roles but the scenario is same.


I will notice King Solomon subject as you told about.


We know that: Mehdi-Dajjal war is a believing subject, reason or result. But it will affect the events/future.
It is a prediction or guess or think-thank etc.


We must follow the way of science only. (to believe is not to know. If you know it you don't need to believe it. For example: You know 2*2=4 you donmt need to believe 2*2=4.)

We can believe anything if we dont know it.



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