Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah"

Dear Mr Esastek,

4) ... USA is the DECCAL/DAJJAL country and the Muslim Global Army Commander (Mehdi) and Daccal (US President or etc. unknown super-leader of christian-jewish combined army leader with miracle abilities, with unlimited power.)will fight against eachother on everywhere of the world. Specially in middleeast and the final will be in Jerusalem/Qudus. At the front of the Mehdi, Dajjal will be melted.)

WE should no way match Mahdi (Messiah)Character with moslems of today. Moslems are so far away from Mahdi . Even they dont know Mahdi is Messiah character of Bible and Torah, who also we can find in other religions. Most of them can no way believe him when he comes.

Christians and Jews also can no way believe messiah may be because he comes from a moslem land with a categorically moslem identity.

But we know he is the king of shalom and he will gather good peoples of every country in Holy Shiloh: