Copper Trade/ Ruling Families

Google: "copper trade" larnaka OR sohar

We have parallel Kings Lists for the Israelites, Mesopotemians, Egyptians, Vedic Aryans(Waddel L.A.).(Maybe even some Hittites and Chinese)

1. Who says that these Kings had to be physicly present in any of these locations?
2. Where are the Greek kings?
3. Shouldn't such kings live in the most physicly secure locations that are also convenient?
4. a. As copper is used for weaponry b. As copper has a very portable concentrated trading value c. As copper trading lines make for convenient intelligence networks;
Shouldn't top ruling families be placed near centers of the copper trade?
5. Could these kings have ruled from Lanarka Cyprus and/or Sohar Oman?

Mark, Seattle

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