Bible as allegory


What is the point????

The point is that archeology seems to support the argument that Biblical characters are literary constructs drawn from and synthesized from near east kings from about the 4th Millennia BCE through the time of the Roman conquest of Palestine.

Why is it so essential???

It lies at the heart of the question of who is man.

Who is man???

Either a finite creature…destined to suffer and toil for hardly any reason at all….Or the embodiment of the consciousness of the mind of the creator.

What if the answer is “We are only Finite Creatures”???

It seems to me that if this is so….If there is nothing more to the universe than we can experience with only the physical senses…that the essence of that existence is not much worth preserving….with nothing more than this life….there is nothing but meaninglessness in suffering and pain…atrocities on children…poverty…genocide….there must be a reason behind it all…and if there is not, again….its not worth the effort to be thoughtfully examined.

Creator v. Created Mind

Kabbalah, to which I have only a rudimentary knowledge, describes the “Creation” as the experience of the mind of the creator separating into Creator and Created….seemingly for the purpose of expanding the collective experience and universal consciousness.

Upon creation…the created mind lost its perfect connection with the mind of the creator…the ethereal space between the collective consciousness and the individualized consciousness, is the space where fear…and all negative energy dwells.

Fear….Societal Structure

Back on Earth for a moment….without the element of Fear….we have little need for Government or Religion…Why…if I am truly a spiritual being…there is zero scarcity in my existence….But, something is still lacking….it is the sum total of “Enlightenment or Awareness” within human consciousness.

In the Human Experience…the quantity of spiritual awareness and consciousness seems to be a function of time and energy….let’s call this variable WEALTH….a way to describe the creation of resources to sustain the human experience.

Unless I am wrong…it was not until the 19th century that the average lifespan exceeded 30 years. This limited amount of time left very little time for anything other than toil for the purpose of food, shelter and procreating…Yet, the accumulation of wealth by Kings provided an opportunity for a very small percent of people to reflect on the nature of Man…..

The unabridged wisdom of the Universe is accessible by the mind of man….yet only a small portion of it has been received (by the way as you likely are aware Kabbalah means to receive).

The king (and government) is divinely trusted with the stewardship of wealth “TO SERVE” yet it is often…but thankfully not always…the case that the people and the people’s WEALTH serves the King not the other way around.

Gold…Brain…Spirit…Trans-Dimensional Properties

In Mr. Gardner’s work he touches on the trans-dimensional properties of Gold….The Human Brain by mass contains about 5% Gold and Platinum Group Metals….These materials phase in and out of space-time….it seems to me that this dimensional phasing is the place where “Communion” takes place…the place where we elevate our consciousness to the pre-creation world…where at this and all moments there is lack of nothing needed for our existence.

Islam…To Surrender

It is quite curious to me that the word Islam means to surrender…..but surrender what….perhaps it is to surrender the belief that our individual consciousness is the center of the universe…that by surrendering to the benevolent universal consciousness we awaken to our true nature…ie. Sons of God…

Biblical Support

The Book of Revelation…when examined literally…is an enigma at best….yet metaphorically….if Revelations is examined as a description of an individual soul’s journey it takes on a different meaning….That this “physical” existence is a function of the necessity of the moment of creation….and that we must continue to suffer pain…to the point at which we surrender and realize that we have always been Sons of God…yet did not realize it…the beasts of revelation…the things I as the individual put in the middle of my heart where only the creator should dwell (perhaps those thing are my ego…and my fellow man….government and religion)…

Prodigal son…..having all the riches of our father’s perfect benevolence…we still must journey on our own…suffer pain and hardship only to discover that we have always had with us the source of all that we need within our grasp all along.

The Christ Message….The Romans and Pharisees (man’s construct of divine secular and religious authority) have no proper authority over Sons of God…..Our existence is not limited to and therefore not dependent upon the body and the physical realm.

Why now??? What is happening???

The accumulation and expansion of wealth has provided for the creation of the printing press, scientific method, an understanding of quantum mechanics and the internet…by most who are curious to ask

If the true nature of man is spiritual….than the truth will ultimately (and I believe is already) be reawakened within the soul of man….

The pace of changes to life on this planet are so rapid…that the entire 20th century has been a correction away from the Old World Order….The worldwide feudalism that began to die in the 19th century sparked fears in leadership (kingship) which gave rise to the horrors of modern warfare.

It is a slow progression in the expansion and distribution of wealth to all of the Sons of God…not just the Kings….

I believe the connection between the Templars …the excavation of the temple…and the creation of the international banking system are all elements of the mind of the creator that Sons of God have been able to “Download”.

In the late 20th century we received the Laffer study which examined the relative percentages of wealth controlled by the relative percentage of the world’s population…It of course is abysmal ….yet it is changing rapidly…In the 1980’s and the US Government deregulated interest rates the key factor effecting the “sharing” of wealth in the form of lending. This deregulation has allowed for an ever broadening percentage of Americans to get access to resources which provide an opportunity for the creation and accumulation of wealth.

With the creation of a broad sharing of wealth….the promise of “hope” for access to earthly resources is the greatest means through which fear (manifest as violence) is reduced and even eliminated.
With modern economic and financial tools available to us it appears likely that this phenomenon is expanding…and creates a platform from which…over the next several generations…we can eliminate poverty and war from the human experience…

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