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My work has not been censored. I developed a new site, so there is no need to mirror the essays elsewhere on the web. On this new site, the old material has been edited for improved accuracy, but it does not reflect a fundamental change in theory. For example, the former "Essay#1" is now Chapter 10 of the expanded on-line book.


This chapter has the same title as old Essay#1, "Contending with the Almighty". Essays #2-#4 are also contained in the new on-line book posted here.

I am not trying to judge your motives for mirroring my work. However, you did not contact me to ask permission.

The posting of my work on your site gives the appearance that I endorse your opinions. You are welcome to your opinions, and I may in fact agree with some of them, but you cannot use my work to support them directly on your site. That is why I am asking that you remove all of my copyrighted text from your site. If you want to share my work with your friends, then I suggest that you provide only hyperlinks to my new site. And if you are concerned that my work may disappear from the Internet, then you are welcome to keep a backup of the pages on your own computer for personal reference.


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