Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah" *LINK*

Dear Mr. Pope (and Mr. Solomon)

Yesterday i found your messages about me... I have some reply words to say/write...

1 - ESASTEK web site have some characteristics, of course, one of them, it has an anti-zionist (opposite to zionism)characteristics.
But it is not a Anti-Zionist web site in basis. Because, it is an ACTION working, not REACTION. Zionizm and its oppozitions (ANTIs) are in the back, ESASTEK works are on the front/to forward (future works), my face look at the future. The history is for lesson, but the mission is for future for me. I am sure i am not anti-semitic.
I am a true-ist, correct-ist, right-ist, real-ist; anti bad-ist, anti wrong-ist. I am at the side of asll good things, at the opposite side of all bad things in my mind. (I mean global politics with my/these words.) I AM DEFENDING TO LIVE IN TRUTH (altogether).

2- I was searching Akhenaten's life and mistery about mistic religion related history. I found and read/used Mr C. Pope's "Living in Truth"
workings ( the "CPLIT")for my "The Mistery of Pharoh Akhenaten" compilation-analyse project. And then, i had wanted to start undrsatnd BIBLE (old testament) for understanding the religion-history relations as enough. [ for Akhenaten-Mose and related things.)

I thought, Charles Pope gives useful, true information (of cource with some wrongs, tolerances) about the origin of the jewish religion and others with his open/clear documents.

I never thought, Charles wrote right/true about every thing, every historycial event,about patriarchs, kings.
I know he is compiling/gathering documents from other historians, archeologs.


Charles Pope changed his acceptions, theories, guesses and explanations about Abraham to Mose chronologic events with egypgt history refenrences.


I gave links to Charles Pope's web pages. I never think use my web pages as Mirror of the CPLIT. I had thought to give cplit to web page visitor as direct downloadable printer pages. (Without any broken link or unwanted modifications/censor.)

I put CPLIT on my web pages to prevent possible CENSUR. (You can accept, i built a second way to access Living in Truth 1999 document. Today, it is clear that i did a true thing. Because Charles changed sometings to soft format under censur or pressure or risk or boss/capital/employing factor, i think.)

United States of America is not free to think free... It is free for thinking mind-free only. Before getting freedom and democracy in the world, at first, USA must save/preserve itself than/from slavery/servicing of religion-maniac minority in USA. (USA must save itself than AMON-RA worshippers, at first. Because Masonry rituels are new and modified versions of Ancient Amon-Ra rituels. USA is a free mason government-ship under control of jewish super-bankers with mainlaw of theirs: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.)
When i say Zionism, i mean global zionism (Protocol-ist Zionizm) not jewish nationalizm. (In my mind zionism is not mose-ism or jewish nationalizm.)

3) About USA - IRAQ war. I think it is inside of Promised-Land'ism problem. So i use it as factor of global zionism. Weapon and Oil companies by jewish capital and Big-İsrail project by amrikan-banker-jews. (I dont mean Israel jews or the owners/people of mose's religion in the world, I mean some unlimited-rish jews in USA. These barons who getting their orgasm by spending their money,time,mind,efforts extremenly for doing unlimited-things for YHWH, for promised land, for jewish minority domination on Goyim/Nonjews.) So, i use this arguments on IRAQ war. In my opinions, evangelists only are stupid ordinary people to service jewish barons.

4) I have some mistic opinions/guesses about America and Al Qaeda unregulatory war. In mistic (Religional) muslim believes: (many deep-muslim people belive that, some islamic jihad joiners or supporters think that): USA is the DECCAL/DAJJAL country and the Muslim Global Army Commander (Mehdi) and Daccal (US President or etc. unknown super-leader of christian-jewish combined army leader with miracle abilities, with unlimited power.)will fight against eachother on everywhere of the world. Specially in middleeast and the final will be in Jerusalem/Qudus. At the front of the Mehdi, Dajjal will be melted.)

This mistic story comes from the time of Prophet Mohammad/Muhammed
it is told, Prophet Mohammad had told his dream (at sleep) durinh his last hac/haj/hadj meeting with muslim believers/hadjees.
(Dream:) The Dajjal, with single big eye, with green army, will have miracles like as reviving deads, unlimited power; he/it will do attack on muslim lands, with christian and jewish combinated army (with green uniforms), the Mehdi/Mahdi, the commander of Muslim armies, will collect muslims (from Turkey to China) against Dajjal's army. They will start war from Istanbul to Jerusalem/Qudus. In jerusaled, Mehdi will overcome Dajjal. Dajjal will be finished/melted/dead at the front of Mehdi.

Depending on this dream. I offered some explantions to this event, Dajjal's eye is the eye on US Dollar, Green is the clour of US Dollar. Army of daccal is US army. Mehdi Army is AL Queada's united army in future. (I guess AL Qeueda leaders belive this too.)


In turkish forums, ("world/dunya" forums at TNN pages) i wrote,explain mistic events like above.
U give many examples to other forum members/joines as i have writen here or related resources.

Finally, the cinema movie/film KURTLAR VADISI IRAK (Wolves Valley - Iraq) by Turkish Pana Film Company, and Wolves Valley TV series, took samples from these mistic evnet/acceptances/stories/complos as part of their Scenario. And they are most poppular/succefull TV series and cinema movie in Turkey. (with Anti-AmericanJew theme. Not anti anglo sakson)

5) You must evaluate that, ESASTEK WEB SITE is not ready and only contains limited drafts. It has not major resources. It has summaries of the summaries of the resources.

6) Original forum pages is on TNN web pages.

Forum pages... Dunya forum... ESASTEK website forum pages are limited copies of original forum pages.

7) Please Evaluate my opinions and explanations again after reading, Mr. DAN Brown's incoming "Solomon's Key (and Codes)"

8) Mr. Dan Brown hast to solve code also, TNN forum pages and ESASTEK web site. A bit turkish is needed. Or Turkish-English translators needed. Do not forget: The most Solomon named peaple are not jews. Turkish "Suleyman" is muslim format of "Solomon" name. There are more "Solomon" in Turkey than Israel and America.

Any bod can not solve code/mistery of Solomon, without understanding messages of Qouran, Hadis and Ebced mistic numerology/calculation methods -equivalent of Kabala numerolgy in muslim tradition-.

Dajjal-Mahdi war story is the MAJOR part of the current 3td global/world war story.

I believe the origin of the Solomon story is solution of the conflict.

"Who was/is Solomon" question is the reason ,and solution of the all thing!



ESAS-TEK .... 7 .......