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"Ron, you forgot Galilee!"

Not really Charles, I just avoided that obvious comparison since in the Fomenko world, the life and times of the "Christos" is considered to have more potential than in Israel and Lebanon.

Note you gave me the ball and I will try at least for a two pointer or maybe a three, but I will settle for some "foul shots!" LOL

Certainly Paul's journeys or letters to the "Galatians" give some significant doubt as to the real location of "Galilee!" Remember in one biblical passage it is said that the Galatians actually witnessed the cruxifiction of the "Redeemer!" Well it would make more sense if it was witnessed by the Galilee-ians!, if we consider the current location as correct. Beykoz and other sites on the Bosporus (River Jordan, both beginning in a sea (Sea of Gennereth! and ending in a sea (Sea of the Dead), like the tomb of Iesus, etc., and the Golden Gate, and the seven towers, and the community of Galata (across the Golden Horn), tend to give one some doubt!

It also seems that the modern Turks accept the last home of Mary as being in the neighborhood of Ephesus, and the Roman Catholic Church has for years recognized a small Italian city as being her home!

And you of course know all of the stories of the Holy families supposed voyage to S. France or Gaul if you prefer.

But in the new timeline as proposed by Fomenko, the most holy city in the world during the lifetime of the personality we now refer to as Christ (11th or 12th cent. CE), would have been Istanbul, with the foreign ruled city of Galata (GAUL?), which was ruled / controlled by Genoeans, or Venicians, or Franks; and by the thickest purple or golden threads available, all of these groups were from or would have been included in the lands of "Cis-alpine Gaul or Trans-alpine Gaul!"

Thus the land of the Gauls, the Galatians, in Galilee / Galata!

Thanks for giving me enough "gaul" to speak up! LOL



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