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Charles, it is interesting that you would write;

"Getting back to the family of Herod, they were extremely ambitious. We know that they acquired vast estates in Gaul (France) and probably also in Germany and Britain."

Number one, just how do we know that "they acquired vast estates in Gaul (France).."? But, just because some sources use the term Gaul, one should question the statement on numerous grounds. To me even Caesar's conquest of Gaul is up to argument. Nunber one, I defy anyone to prove that the hand of Caesar wrote any of the commentaries attributed too him today! Nunber two, there are just too many Gauls to contend with! What?, you may say. Yes Gaul and its variations present a good deal of problems in ancient history, or at least that is my opinioin, and of course it might not be worth two cents! But, in my opinon, Gaul, could readily be Galatia, or
Gal{l)icia, etc., and it like the use of Iberia or Iberian (two choices), or the use of Cherson, Chersonese (at least three choices), etc., just link to other possibilities that are too close for our own good. We tend to make assumptions, and our ancestors also tended to make assumptions. Sometimes these are correct and other times they are, or could be, wrong.

As you may well know, the term Gaul, is mostly today and probably in the past, as "France!", but technically, Gaul is much more. There is/was Transalpine Gaul, (North or West of the Alps?) and Cisalpine Gaul (South and East of the Alps?). And it was from Gaul (South of the Alps) that Caesar began his conquest of Italy/Rome! Yes, I know that our historians have tried to keep these areas separate, but can we really trust this?

And then we are left with Galatia, in Asia Minor, and a similar place in Spain! (Port du Gaul ?Portugal?) for example. So, it would be possible for there also to be two Gauls or Galls, etc. in France and Spain. One Trans-Pyrene and the other Cis-Pyrene!

Since this may not be in the provenance of this site I will now stop!


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